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Using Kendo UI 2013.1 with S#arp Architecture 2.0.4

We have been using S#arp Architecture for quite sometime now and it proved to be a good platform for some of the enterprise applications we developed in-house for our company.  While it provided us a good platform for our web apps it does not provide something that you can easily reuse for your presentation layer that is where Kendo UI comes into play.  Before we were using the old version called Telerik MVC but since them we upgraded to this newer version.  This guide will be how to start a project using this two products. Read more of this post

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Using a Sybase with S#arp Architecture and nHibernate

This article will discuss on how I achieved using a Sybase database alongside SQL Server with S#arp Architecture / nHibernate.   In this article I would assume that you use S#arp and have already a running project where you want to include Sybase in your scenario.  So lets start. Read more of this post

Upgrading S#arp to MVC4

First of all I can assure you that S#arp will work on MVC4 and I am using Sharp Architecture 2.0.4.  We just recently migrated and tested 2 large S#arp projects and it is fully working and is running in production. Read more of this post

Foreign Key Drop Downs on Telerik MVC Grid

If you are using MVC on your projects and you are using a Grid View control most probably it will be the Telerik Grid.  While it is one of the best ones around it still have its cons but whats good with it is that the product is regularly updated even for the open source license.  One thing I noticed with the older version before 2011.3.1115.0 is that foreign keys are not natively supported, which means if you have a data structure similar to below then it will be task to perform operations on those in the grid as you will go by the template method. Read more of this post

Simple TSQL and C# Entity Generator for S#arp Architecture

Recently we started a big project which uses S#arp Architecture and for those who does not know what it is you can go to the site (http://www.sharparchitecture.net/) and have a read, but in a gist it is an open source architectural foundation that uses ASP.NET MVC framework with NHibernate. Read more of this post


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