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Synchronize Active Directory Information with Sharepoint Foundation 2013 User Profiles

You might be wondering why should I do this when Sharepoint can do this already though User Profile Synchronization, well that is partly true because in Sharepoint Foundation 2013 and even on 2010 it is not available.  Having said that there will always be a way and that’s what are trying to achieve on this article, to synchronize Active Directory Information with Sharepoint User Profile by doing some coding.  This can be achieved in multiple ways, you can do Powershell, you can create a Sharepoint feature or develop a standalone application, we will do the latter as for me its more flexible and manageable.

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Generate Multiple Worksheets by Groups in SSRS Exported Excel Spreadsheets

You might be wondering how to generate multiple dynamic worksheets in SQL Server Reporting Services, is this even possible or not? Well if you are using SQL Server 2008 R2 and above you are lucky as this is now possible if not I guess it is the time to upgrade.

So how do you achieve this?

It is fairly easy, all you need is to follow this 4 easy steps. Read more of this post

Unobtrusive Client and Server Side Not Equal To Validation in MVC using Custom Data Annotations

Yesterday we discussed about Unobtrusive Client and Server Side Age Validation now let’s do a not equal to validator which is basically the opposite of the Compare validator. 

So where can this be useful?

If you don’t want two items to have the same value then this is your solution.  Lets say you don’t want to have same answers on two different text boxes or you don’t want two same selections on dropdowns.  One practical application is in Secret Question forms on sign up like the one below Read more of this post

Unobtrusive Client and Server Side Age Validation in MVC using Custom Data Annotations

One of the best things with MVC is the built-in validation using Data Annotations, these special attributes are simply applied to a class or its property and validation simply just happens on both Client and Server side (taking into consideration you set yours up properly). There are lots of Data Annotations built in that you can use and the most popular ones are the Required, Range and Data Type Attributes but sometimes these are not enough so we need something more usable that fits well with our business logic. Good thing we can create our own custom validation by overriding methods in the Validation Attribute class as well as with IClientValidatable. Read more of this post

Join two Sharepoint Lists together by ID

The example below will demonstrate how to join two Sharepoint Lists similar to how Database Tables are joined using Foreign Key relationship between two objects.   It will also show how you display this joined List items in a custom display form in Sharepoint

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Using Dependency Injection on OpenAccess ORM MVC Project

You might be starting a new project using OpenAccess ORM and wondering how to implement dependency injection to prevent hard-coded dependencies and enable the possibility of changing them at run-time.  Well it’s not that hard specially with the new Dependency Injection Framework available today where all you need to do is get them on nuget, reference it to your project then your all good to go. Read more of this post

Grouping and Calculate Totals from one SharePoint List to another

You might be wondering how to summarize list items by grouping and summing them up together to another SharePoint List? Well it’s quite simple and you can achieve them just by using workflows created in SharePoint Designer. Read more of this post

Accept only the latest dropped draggable in a droppable interaction using jQuery UI


You might be looking for a solution something like a radio button but don’t want to use the old school HTML input types, you want something interactive like dragging and dropping objects in a certain location.  Since it should work like a radio button you want that certain location to hold one object and only the latest object chosen, well you’re in luck as I have to create something similar and here is how I executed it. Read more of this post

Easiest way of cancelling all SharePoint Workflows in Progress

Do you have a really big list in SharePoint and has a workflow attached to it? Had you encountered an issue where this workflow suddenly stopped and left a good number of Workflows in progress? Read more of this post

How to Archive SharePoint List Items to SQL Server

You might have reached the threshold of a SharePoint List and you’re afraid to increase the limit as you might affect the performance of you server.  Now you are thinking of other solutions and one thing came to mind, why not archive the data? Well that is a good idea but how are you going to achieve this? well there are different ways and here are some suggestions: Read more of this post


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